I, Henning Wang, originally created Madskillz Media to have an outlet for creativity and a concept through witch I could share something with the world.

As a dedicated climber my main focus has been on climbing/adventure photography and film, but as long as I find it inspiring there is really no limits to what projects I will take on.

In addition to my own little projects, see the Vimeo site and/or my instagram feed (link is up in the right corner). I have filmed on projects for NRK (Norwegian TV), Norrøna and Reelrock, shoot weddings, done the photos for a physiotherapy book, had several magazine covers + photos in everything from major newspapers to girls fitness magazines.

I’v specialized in rope based photography and rope based DSLR video and function as my own/team rigger. With an extensive knowledge of climbing, gear, ropes and rigging there are few places I won’t or can’t get to.
After hundreds of hours filming climbing from ropes, with no tripod, I’v also become somewhat of a specialist in shooting steady handheld.

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